Grateful for...

Tea Rooms, antique shops, small towns and my Mum (she should probably be first).

My lovely mother's birthday is in January. And today, on June 1st, we finally went out to celebrate. For birthdays I love giving experiences as opposed to things. In her card, I wrote that we'd be going to her favourite Tea Room in Dundas, Ontario. I had never been before but I love me a good Tea Room. It's a little crazy that it took 5 months for us to find a date that works. She's retired and volunteers like crazy for about a million causes and has a much busier social life than I do  and seems to always be on vacation somewhere incredible. I'm sure we could have made an earlier date work, but for some reason this is the date we picked. Here's the Tea Room we went to:

Isn't it so lovely?! The food was delish. I could put devon cream on anything.

Then we went for a walk down Main Street and went furniture/antique shopping. This store had BEAUTIFUL things for LOTS of money. I'll stick to my Kijiji furniture re-dos for now.

What a lovely day with my favourite woman in the world :).