Spray Painted Coffee Table

So up until now, the living room has been looking pretty empty. There's a couch (that was leant/gifted to me by a wonderful family), a dresser (that I bought on kijiji and plan to turn into a tv stand à la twotwentyone) and a smaller dresser that I've had since I was born (which has been primed, but not painted because I can't pick a colour I like). It's looked pretty bare for the last six months, but the bright side is that it's a great place to work out - lots of open floor space. Thank God I've started filling it up, because now I have a legitimate excuse for not having worked out in months.

Step one in filling this room up is a coffee table. I've been looking for FOREVER a while because I
a) Don't want to spend a lot of money
b) Don't want it to take up too much visual space
c) Don't want to spend a lot of money

After searching kijiji for a while, I found this table for $40. And the woman happened to live two minutes away, which made it extra awesome.
The table is a metal/glass combination, and originally it was silver/chromish, which didn't really go with what I had done so far. I decided to channel my inner Goldmember spray it gold so that it would tie in with the mirror in the dining room.

The whole process was super easy and took about 15 minutes! My kind of project :)

Here's the table before (with the glass pieces removed)

Step One: Lightly/quickly sand the table and wipe it down.
I spray painted it in the underground parking area because it wouldn't fit on my balcony. But I was super careful and took all of the necessary precautions. 

Step two: lay newspapers to avoid painting your parking spot. Or the floor.

Step three: paint the table and let it dry for 15ish minutes

Step four: replace glass pieces, position, and enjoy!

I love the way it turned out :) I also love having a spot to put my feet up when watching tv!
Here's a quick peek at the before:

And after! This photo is from the Mother's Day Brunch I hosted for the Moms! It was the drink station :)