Happy Feet ! New Rug

I've wanted a rug for the living room since I moved in - but I wanted to make sure I loved it first. I recently stumbled across the Mini Manor Blog and I've fallen in love. Ashli and her husband live in British Columbia, so it's great that most of the things she posts about are available in Canada! When I saw her library/office area, I fell in love with the carpet! When I was showing it to Stacey, I googled "Mini Manor Blog Rug" and found a post explaining where she got it! It's a Debbie Travis rug from Canadian Tire. I went to go check it out at the store, and was slightly disappointed that it seemed like a cream/green pattern. I crossed my fingers that it would look different in the condo lighting, and it did!

I didn't realize that I missed the feeling of a cushy carpet on my feet! I'm love how the rug makes the room seem much more homey/finished.

I purposely didn't capture the left side of the room in these photos - I've just completed a projected that I'll be posting about soon :)