Painted Pedestal Table

I figured my first DIY post should be the first big DIY project I ever did! I bought my condo pre-construction, so after the initial purchase, I had almost a year to plan and get everything ready.

The first purchase I made was this solid wood pedestal table. I searched kijiji for a few weeks until I found one I liked for a price I loved ($40!). It also came with two leaves which was a bonus. You can see it had a few water stains and scratches on the table surface, but it was easily fixed with sanding and wood filler.

The inspiration for this project came from Kate who is the author of the amazing blog, Centsational Girl. I followed her post Painting a Kitchen Table to a T! It was the first time I had ever refinished any piece of furniture, so I wanted to make sure I did it well. I even bought the same primer (Zinsser) and paint. Check out her step-by-step instructions if you're looking to do a similar project!

Here's what the table looked like before:

And here's what it looks like now :

Some more before photos:
(Sorry for the crappy phone shots!)

You can see from the photo above that the table top was in rough shape. I sanded the table with 100 grit sand paper and an electric palm sander. I also sanded the base and legs with a sanding block, but only found out later that Kate only sanded the top. That would have saved time, but you learn as you go, right?

I tried each step of the process on the leaves first, because I figured if I completely messed it up, it wouldn't be as big of a deal as ruining the table top. You can see them (already sanded) leaning against the wall in the above photos. Like Kate, I used a combination of rolling and spraying to get an even coverage over the table.

I rolled as much as I could on the base, and then sprayed the rest with the spray paint primer to make sure it covered every nook.

And here's what it looked like after I had finished! I left the table slightly apart so until it dried. I didn't want to close it and then chip the paint if I were to open it. I didn't go into detail about the steps I took because whatever I say, I'm sure Kate says it better!

Budget Breakdown
Table - $40
Zinsser primer (spray) - $9
Zinsser primer (quart) - $12 (half left)
Paint (Benjamin Moore Advance in Swiss Coffee) - $29 (half left)
Minwax Furniture Wax - $8 (almost all of it left)
Sandpaper - already had it
Orbital sander - borrowed from a friend

Total: $98

It may seem like a lot for a DIY, but I have lots of materials left over for the next project!

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