The Perfect Tray

I recently purchased a glass and metal table for the living room. I love that it doesn't take up very much visual space (because you can see right through it), but that it's large enough to store all of the necessities. I've been looking for a tray to keep on it. One that would be a combination of warm and slightly heavy, to contrast with the table.

Last night I went shopping at Winners with a friend and found this beauty! It was $12.99 - the perfect price.

I love the warmth of the wicker and the size of the tray. Things just seem so much more organized when you corral them on a tray.

While I'm showcasing a tray, I thought I'd share another tray that I use on a table in the dining room. (I moved it over to the coffee table because the lighting is better by the window). A few weeks ago I was shopping at Indigo (which I'll have to do a post on because I'm in love with their housewares section) and donated to their charity. My name was entered in a draw, and a week later I got a call telling me I had won a basket! This tray was base that held all of my winnings together. I love the woven pattern.

I have a few plants around the house that are constantly dying, and then coming back to life. I'm not very good at watering them. When I saw this watering can for 50% off at Indigo (wait long enough and everything goes on sale - at least 30% off) I hoped it would help my poor plants. And it has! The little dish and the vase/milk jug are also from Indigo. I know, I have a problem.