Let there be privacy

I've been living in the condo for just over seven months now, and this week I finally hung curtains in the living room! SO exciting :) I'm on the third floor so it wasn't as urgent as if I was on the ground floor... although I guess that's debatable. During the day I usually want them open anyways, but it's nice to be able to close them at night when it's easier to see in - especially since my unit faces the parking lot :) I'm sure I'll be getting high fives and thank yous when walking to my car.

I've had the fabric for a few months - I bought it from Fabricland for $6/meter, but I've been waiting for my seamstress to have the time to make them :)

When Matt first hung them, the rod (that I got for free from my Mum) wasn't long enough to span the width of the wall.

Although I was happy to have curtains, I decided I wanted a longer rod. So when we were at Ikea this weekend, I bought a longer rod (for $6.99!) and new hardware. It makes SUCH a difference!

I'm in love :) Here's the before:

And after!

I love that I can push the curtains completely to the side so that more light can come in through the doors.

Don't mind the giant plant on the chair outside, I was given a planter of various types of lettuce from one of my students this week.

Budget Breakdown:
Fabric: $6/meter = $30
Rod and hardware: $10
Privacy: Priceless

Total: $40