Pillow Talk

Do you ever feel like everything happens all at once? That's how I've been feeling lately. Although I technically have the month off work, it's been super busy!

My seamstress mother (who's work you've seen here and here) said when I bought the fabric for the curtains that she would make some pillows for me. I was super grateful but wasn't sure if I was a pillows-match-the-drapes kind of girl. Turns out, I like it! The pillows really brighten up the couch.

Here's what the couch looked like before with the cushions that my wonderful friend Stacey gave to me when she leant/gifted me her couch. Love her!

And here's what it looks like now with the new pillows :)

Now I just feel like I need more!

I know it's not a huge difference, but they still make me smile :). Except for when people touch them or sit on them. I'm working on that.