Grateful for...


For the past two summers I've worked for a company that pays you to travel the world for the month of July. And everything is free. Everything. Oh wait, except lunches.
This summer, I'm doing the same trip that I did last summer - Paris for three weeks and the south of France for a week. Hard life, I know.

Although it sounds amazing, there is some work involved. The company is called Global Journeys and it's for students from Ontario who want to get a credit over the summer while traveling overseas. Last year I taught for the first week, and then was the Group Leader of the trip; in charge of everything that happened outside of the classroom. This year, I'm teaching the grade 11/12 French Immersion class solo. And it has been amazing. Amazing.

Here are some of the things I'm grateful for from the first week:

Sitting in Jardin du Luxembourg watching the jets practice for Bastille Day this weekend after having a picnic and teaching in the park.

Getting to the Louvre before anyone else and watching the Parisians head off to work.

Hot chocolate and pastries at the famous Café Angelina.

The beautiful village of Chartres.

And it's incredible cathedral.

Walking the Champs-Elysées (this year, no floods or storms!)

Spending time in Monet's gardens and walking through his house.

Nighttime boat rides on the Seine.

And the fact that I am doing all of these wonderful things for free. And getting paid.
Last time, I promise.